We are currently searching for volunteers to come to our field and buddy with our athletes!

Buddy volunteers help to assist our athletes in game play whether it be batting, fielding, or just getting around the bases! Come one time, or come a few times, either way we guarantee this is an experience you will love! We have Thursday evening and Saturday morning dates available.

Hope to see you out on our fields!!

District 2 Challenger Little League Buddy Volunteers

One of the benefits of a Challenger Little League Division is its encouraging use of “Buddies” for the Challenger Players. Buddies are individuals who volunteer to assist Challenger athletes in the areas of batting, base running, and defense on an as needed basis.  Buddies should always encourage players to bat and make plays themselves. It is the goal of the District 2 Challenger Little League Board to ensure enough Buddy volunteers for each of our athletes.

The Role of Challenger Buddies During Game Play

The role of a Challenger Buddy during game play is to protect the Challenger Player and assist in any way necessary. Buddies encourage their players to participate at the best of their capabilities, paying special attention to their individual needs. Below are some general guidelines for assisting players while playing in the field, while at bat and while running the bases. These guidelines are intended to give general instruction on how to assist Challenger Players, but do not cover every situation.


• Make sure fielders are a safe distance from the batter. No one should be positioned in front of the pitcher’s mound.
• Avoid standing in the base paths.
• Stand near your player in a position that will allow you to protect him/her from a batted or thrown ball, if necessary.
• When your player is ready to throw a ball, be sure the receiver is ready to receive the ball.
• If a player has limited mobility (i.e. walker, wheelchair, visually impaired etc…) field the ball, or have another player field the ball and hand it to your player to allow them to throw it, or hold it momentarily.
• Assist the player in throwing the ball, if necessary.
• When talking with a player, always position yourself at their eye level, and talk face-to-face.
• At the end of an inning, all players and buddies should remain on the field until the last base runner scores.


• If necessary, help your player choose a bat and helmet and get into a batting position.
• Some players are able to swing and hit on their own - once in their batting position, allow the batter to hit on his/her own.
• Some players will need guidance on where to run after they hit the ball. In this case move towards first base and encourage the player to follow you.
• Always make sure the batter drops the bat before running.

Thrown Pitch:

•Allow the player to swing at the pitch; assist as needed.
•If the player is not successful at hitting a thrown pitch, encourage them to use the tee.


•Set the ball in place when the fielders are ready and help the player into batting position, if necessary.
•Assist the player in swinging the bat, if needed.
•Always make sure the batter drops the bat before running.

Base Running:

•The runner will advance one base each time a batter hits the ball.
•Run with your player and stay close enough to protect him/her from a batted or thrown ball.
•In some cases, you may need to direct your player where to run next.
•In some cases, a player may need more assistance, such as guiding a visually impaired athlete, or pushing an athlete in a wheelchair; a coach and/or parent will help you understand this prior to the game being started.
•In some cases, a player may need physical guidance to walk to a base. If that player is unable to continue, their walker/wheelchair or brace will be given to them at that time.

If guidance such as this is needed, our buddy coordinator will show you the proper way to guide an athlete.

The interaction between the Players and the Buddies has proven to be a constructive experience for everyone involved, as our Challenger players are able to enjoy the thrill of participation. Buddies provide a positive baseball experience for the Players, while also enabling the parents to sit in the stands and cheer on their child.

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